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End of Year Blowout Sale

Well everyone it is that time of year once again.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I hate counting inventory.  Sooooooooooooo,

SAVE 25%-75% OFF
In-Store Only
Friday & Saturday December 30-31, 2011
No Coupon Necessary

Don't miss the last and biggest sale of the year!!!  It is also the last Triple Point Saturday,  you'll get 3 points for every dollar you spend. Since we are lowering the point balance to 100 points in January,  you'll get your $10.00 credit even sooner.
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Twinkling H20's are in

Twinkling H20's are little cakes of shimmering water color paint. The paints are sold in individual pots which are sold either in kits or separately. The paints are available in 156 colors and they can be mixed and blended to create a further pallet of colors. Twinkling H2O's come in two size pots, large (5 grams - regular size) and minis (Little Twinklers). Individual Twinkling H20 colors are available in the large size only. Kits are available with a mix of 6, 12 or 24 of the large size pots.

These colors can be used on a variety of surfaces and these include paper and cardstock, wood, plastic and even eggs - and they are ideal for many altered art projects. Some projects may require sealing when finished.

Twinkling H20's are made in America by LuminArte who also manufacture the Primary Elements range of paints.

How Are Twinkling H20's Used?

Twinkling H20's can be used in the same way as any watercolor paint and different stampers have their own favorite way to use these shimmering colors. The paint cakes can be moistened and the paint used direct from the pot, or the color can be blended and mixed on a plate or pallet.

The colors are highly pigmented giving strong and vibrant colors. These can be blended with water for lighter shades. LuminArte have developed a color that is ideal for blending to lighten colors, this is called 'Oyster' and will lighten the color while still keeping the distinctive shimmer. The colors can also be blended with other water color paint such as tempura or gouache, however this will also decrease the level of shimmer in the paint.

Twinkling H20's can be applied using paint brushes - or can also be applied direct to the rubber stamp and stamped onto paper or cardstock.

Ways that Twinking H20's can be used:
  • As backgrounds for stamping projects, this can then be stamped on as normal
  • To color in rubber stamped images
  • Applied over embossed images
  • Added to wet paper to create a soft image
  • Paint onto dark papers for a dramatic look
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Triple Points Saturdays

Get 3 points for every dollar you spend on products during Triple Point Saturday.  Running each Saturday in December.