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New In Store

Our Demo with Frankie Fioretti was great!  She did such a wonderful job showing us how to use USArtquest products.  She showed us so many techniques that my head is still spinning! Their Mica Delights are beautiful.  They make glitter look like old tinsel.  It gives a project such a rich sophisticated look rather than a glitzy look. I've always loved to gild things and she showed us so many ways to use their gilding products, from just using flecks of it to covering chipboard to writing/drawing with their duo glue and putting gilding over that.

They also have a product called Studio Paper(which I have to re-order because we sold out) that you can use in your ink jet printer and then transfer to other mediums.  I can't wait to get my hands on that.  Their water color palettes are so easy to use.  They get creamy real fast and there are 10 colors in each palette.  Their Perfect Paper Adhesive comes in Matte and Glossy.  She used the matte to coat a real leaf, which will preserve it, then she gilded the leaf and used it on a card.  OMG! it was beautiful.  She used the glossy to cover a mosaic of papers and created a paper enameling.

She will be holding a class using the Dicrofibers on December 8.  That stuff is pretty cool.  You layer different colors and can encapsulate items within it, then you iron it to make sheets which can then be diecut or punched out or used as is.

We have some of the items that we didn't sell out of and we will be ordering the items that we did sell out of.  You can have way too much fun with their products!

We also got in Flower-Soft in 13 colors along with some of their card toppers and sayings.  Yvonne Pineiro made a beautiful sample for the store so you can see how it looks.  Check out the New in Store Nov 30 on the left for pictures of the products.


egw44 said...

Well I just had to say all the new items you got in the store are totally awesome! I want them all, lol.
Evelyn Akel

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